Cheryl, St. Catharines

There is not enough I could possibly say to express all that Bowen and ONDAMED treatments have done for me, and my family.  As a chronically ill and antibiotic-dependent injured mom of twins, if it were not for these two treatments, I would not be as healthy as I am today and living my life.  When traditional medicine doesn’t work, in fact when it hurts, these two treatments can heal and rid you of your pain.  I take no medications now because I don’t have to.  I won’t take any in the future until I have first tried ONDAMED or Bowen.  Amber and Tiffany are the best at what they do, and they do healing the best I have found in over 14 years of healing through their hands.  Thank you both so very much for making my world as pain free as possible, and me as healthy as I can be.  And Moms, don’t wait to do for you what you need to feel better, and take a leap of faith in these alternative treatments.  Gentle, least invasive treatments I have found, with the best results.

 As for those twins of mine, hockey players, lifeguards and University students, who have benefited greatly by having their sports and work injuries treated and healed by these two ladies.  They now book their own appointments for treatments they know will work, with no pills and no side effects. 

Caroline S., Burlington

After major surgery, a death in the family, and a knee injury, I turned to food as a crutch and ballooned out of control.  After a few doctors recommended losing weight to get rid of my adult acne and heal my knee injury, is when I finally accepted that I needed to lose the weight and get my health back.  I have tried many diets over the years, but nothing has worked as well as Ideal Protein.  The consistent weight loss definitely kept me going.  I lost 45lbs and 32" in 25 weeks.  The daily videos, recipes and coaching kept me on track.  I would recommend it to anyone needing to lose weight.  Thanks Ideal Protein!

Anna, Burlington

I find your facility one of the best in Burlington. My first experience with Bowen cured my back neck pain caused from Dragon boating at the competitive level. My manicure and pedicure [at Spa in the Village] were beautiful and lasted longer than other manucurist I have used. But most importantly the staff is so professional and provides personal and friendly service. What a relaxing place to be. Always come out so feeling so calm and happy. Thank you to you and your wonderful staff.

Bruce C., Rockwood

I want you to know that my hips and lower back are 100% … almost better than that!  Movement is easy.  I feel like I’m 39 again!! Thank you for your professional expertise.  Your treatments work miracles.  I deeply appreciate being able to move freely without calculating the next step.

Sandra L., Burlington

It is my genuine pleasure to write this testimonial for Let It Heal. I have been a client for over 7 years and really feel blessed to have been treated here. Over the years they have treated and relieved symptoms for lower back pain, cracked rib, frozen shoulder, buzzing in the ears. I feel fantastic for a 67 year old lady and only thanks to Let It Heal! Recently I discussed incontinence issues with Tiffany, I noticed an 80% difference since the 2nd treatment. I went from using extra long thick Poise pads to thin panty liners - WOW! Tiffany, Sarah and Amber are without a doubt the most professional people I have ever dealt with...they are the BEST! I encourage you to call them no matter what your concerns or health issues are, I know they can and will help you!

Colleen S., Burlington

Amber is amazing to deal with, incredibly knowledgeable and professional. I have been suffering with shoulder and knee problems for a long time and have spent a lot of money to attempt to heal my injuries. After two treatments of Amber's expert Bowen Therapy, I have seen more success than after months of other treatments. I am ecstatic I finally found a treatment that works, Thanks Amber.

Eleanore R., Burlington

The best thing I've done for myself in the past few years was coming for Bowen Therapy which ended my need for a chiropractor and led me to Ideal Protein. What a win win situation!

Sandy P., Hamilton

I know this treatment really works and works well. My shoulder has never given me trouble again since it was healed by your services.

Jocelynne P., Burlington

I've tried every other diet out there and nothing has worked until I tried the method at Let it Heal. Not only have I lost almost 70 lbs since October, my blood pressure is back to normal and my cardiologist is thrilled!


After being hit by a drunk driver almost 30 years ago I developed Fibromyalgia symptoms that at times could be debilitating. I was recommended to Bowen therapy but after a life time of massage, physio, chiropractic and decompression therapy was skeptical of any real benefit for the long term. After 7 sessions with Tiffany I am pain free from the awful traveling fascia pain that is associated with my disease. And the best part I don't have to return again this is not an ongoing situation, once you are symptom free that's it. I still return for open house events and to enjoy other services at the Spa in the Village.

My life has changed, I have become more active, have adopted a dog that I can now take outside no matter the weather and enjoy long walks with. I cannot send a stronger recommendation for anyone with chronic pain, DON'T WAIT. make an appointment as soon as possible. It will change your life....and Tiffany is awesome so do ask for her.

Sarah P., Burlington

I am 45 years old and have suffered from sciatica back pain since I was 17 and 18 years old from dancing injuries. At that time, nothing was offered to help me heal but rest and time and a prescription for Toradol (which I only used when my back seized/spasmed). The pain never went away and I experienced frequent random spasms. I was 6 months away from achieving my Elementary Ballet Diploma which would allow me to teach and had to give it up. Needless to say it was absolutely devastating for met the time. In my twenties and onward, I pursued massage therapy and physiotherapy on a regular basis with no real impact. I continued to be active and work out but those sessions often left me with agonizing back pain. I got used to living with the pain and paid acute attention to what I can and cannot do physically and the consequences of my actions if I didn't listen to my body. On days that I didn't have enough rest or was very stressed or did activities that were physically challenging, I could always expect to have back issues to follow. I got in the habit of taking extra strength advils on those nights to ensure I could walk the next day. Despite those types of days, the average morning for me was a crippling experience and it would take a couple of hours of movement to get full mobility again. It came to be just the way it is for me and an accepted way of life. Several years ago, I had heard about Bowen therapy from a friend of mine who had heard a friend of hers had been healed of her chronic back pain from it. I was attracted to the fact that it deals with the nerves as my issues were the nerves attached to the ciatica. But life got in the way and I never acted on it. In May of 2011 my son who pays rep soccer injured his foot and it was taking a long time to heal and keeping him from playing soccer. A mother on the team suggested I take him to Bowen for healing and a speedy recovery. Apparently, she and her family use Bowen regularly for many of their injuries and their allergies too. They are a very strong, healthy and active family, so if she recommended it, I was going to try it. So I took my son to see her therapist Tiffany Bourque of Let It Heal and he walked out of the session without pain and without the limp he had for a week and a half. He was amazed, we were amazed. At that same time, I had wrenched my neck and it wasn't healing as quickly as I expected and I was afraid it was going to impact my back as it was affecting my alignment and posture. So I spoke with Tiffany and she assured me she would heal my neck...AND my back! I was willing to give it a chance to heal my neck but was extremely skeptical that she could remotely heal my age old chronic back problems. Throughout six sessions, I followed her instructions and began on occasion to have strange pains in different places which made me skeptical again. Tiffany assured me that this is normal and very telling for her as the therapist of how the therapy is working and what needs to be done next. All I really cared about was getting mobility in my neck. By the end of each of the sessions I felt a slight and uplifting change, thinking and focussing mainly of course on the healing of my neck. By the end of the sixth session, about a week later, I realized my neck was completely normal. No pain and full mobility. I was thrilled that Bowen did its magic and was worth the effort. What I didn't realize was that I was oblivious to the fact that I was jumping out of bed for several mornings in a row and getting on with better productivity in my morning activities. It suddenly dawned on me that I didn't have back pain! For the first time in 25 years, I didn't have back pain! I can't begin to describe the elation of that realization! It's funny how my morning activities just became naturally more productive without even thinking about it...it shows how pain also naturally guides you to what you can and cannot do. Now, I had no pain and was naturally guided into doing normal activities without even thinking about it. I am so grateful to Tiffany and Bowen Therapy. She made a promise of healing and she delivered it! I'm renewed, shocked, amazed, and grateful!!! I humbly and emphatically THANK YOU!!! I finished therapy in late August of 2011 and now it is June of 2012 and am still pain free! I can't help but tell everyone I know about Bowen therapy and my therapist Tiffany! Just incredible, miraculous really!