Magnetic Resonance Scan

Several years ago, we adopted a new testing method based on Russian technology: The Quantum Resonance Scan. By simply holding a metal probe in your hand, your body will provide valuable feedback about the status of organs, vitamin & mineral levels, bone density and health trends.  

After much testing, we gained complete confidence in the accuracy and effectiveness of not only the testing, but also the effect of following the recommendations. We found that by simply identifying key vitamins and minerals in the system and taking a few supplements, health continued to improve and confirmation was seen in subsequent tests. 

Over the last several years, we have investigated additional health analysis systems, but continue to return to the Quantum Resonance Scan, due to it's incredible accuracy and proven track record. 

If you are ready to not only learn about your health but begin fixing it, we highly recommend this scan. You will be provided with a several page detailing organs, systems and more. 

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EIS Scan

This device analyzes the interstitial fluid in ones body by applying a very small electric current to the body, the impedance in the voltage between the (+) anode and (-) cathode determines where the unbalances exist.

The results are then collected and displayed on a computer screen through 3D body models of different parts of the body. The generated report represents imbalances within tissue and organs that may be over or under functioning. The report can be printed with 3D colour pictures and can be used by any modality of healthcare practitioner, i.e. Western, Naturopath, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist etc.

Benefits of the EIS Scan

  • Non-invasive – Inexpensive – Initial Intake Evaluation for New Clients – Follow up Reports
  • Simple-to-operate device – Fully portable
  • One button reports w/ full colour coded pictures & graphs
  • Visualization of most stressed organs, neural, lymphatic & dermatomes
  • Validate non-bias assessment – Increased Client Compliance
  • Faster results – Evaluation in under 5 minutes
  • Personalized diets – Micro-Macro Nutrition Cooking Recommendations
  • Reduces Health Expenses – Wait times – Travel

Step-by-Step Process

Your body is connected to the EIS via 6 electrodes, connected via USB to a computer.
Measurements are made by 1.28 Volt signals during 3 different scans in 2 minutes.
The recorded measurement data is applied to several computer statistical and mathematical algorithms.
The computer software displays results on different screens and windows.
Your Doctor analyzes/interprets the information and make his/her decisions accordingly.