Calibration Technique and Colour of Water and Particulate

Vibrant colour changes in the water are just a partial indicator of the toxins that are leaving your body. Due to differences in local water supplies, personal diet, and other variables, we do not rely on the colour chart alone. Although helpful for speculating what toxins are being pulled from the body there is a great deal happening that is not visible.


Calibration Technique
How much colour change and particulate is from my foot?
Due to differences in local water supplies, personal diet, and other variables, we do not rely on the colour chart alone. Other manufacturers include the colour chart, so we provide one as a general reference for those clients who are accustomed.

During the course of an IonSpa® session, the units water will most likely change colour and bits of foreign matter may appear as sediment. This is to be expected. It is caused by a reaction between the toxins being pulled from a user’s body and particles in the water, salt added to the water, the metals in the Ionizor® array, and the acidity or alkalinity of the user.

Calibration Techniques:
The colour change and the particulate formation you observed can only be used as crude indicators of the toxins being detoxified from your body; this is because only 50% to 80% of the water change is actually due to material being pulled out from your body. As much as 50% of the colour change could be due to the regional toxicity in your water supply and the leaching from the metals of the array itself. Should you run the system without your feet, you would still observe a colour changes, only not as pronounced; this is from the unit simply neutralizing the toxin in the water in the same manner that it would have also neutralized the toxins drawn out of your body. If you were able to calibrate or roughly subtract the colour effect due to the sea salt added and the leaching from metal of the array, you could actually use the unit to observe and measure the toxicity of your regional water supply. One way to approximate this calibration comparison is to establish the reference colour change representing no chemicals contaminants in the water (other than from the sea salt added and from the leaching of the metals from the array ); this can be done be by running the unit without your feet using Distilled water..

Note: If you drink the same regional water supply that you use to run the unit, you will find that the colour change produced by the water and the toxins from your body are very similar; the difference being that intensity is more pronounce with your feet in the IonSpa. Because the human body is approximately 70 percent water, it makes sense that the toxins in a user’s body is going to be similar to the predominant geographic toxins.